At Zani solutions and services limited we have in stock Sliding Gate,Swing garage door , Barriers,Parking mag, Automatic Glass door , Roller shutter


Our products come from Italy. We install sliding door motor to your existing gate or we can fabricate a gate upon request and install the motor For sliding gate motors we have motors from 500kg, 800kg ,1200kg, 1400kg-2200kg. Our motors for domestic use have backup batteries which allows you to get in or out of the house even when power is out the battery backup guarantees you atleast  exit and entry .


We have motors for swing gates of up to 3.5m per leaf . In cases where the gates are wider than this measurement we resent to industrial swing gates solutions which can operate up to 5m per leaf.


We represent an Italian company MODULAR with decades of experience in the manfacture of kitchen equipment for hotels and resturants.We supply and install anything you may need from Burners, Ovens, Refrigerators, bulk trays, Bar Equipment Etc.We supply, install and provide after sales service with genuine spare parts from the manufacturer.


We represent RERMAN Elevators and Escalators. RERMAN is an Italian company which specializes in the production of Lifts and Escalators. They also produce elevtors on customized basis. The quality of RERMAN lifts and escalators cannot be over emphasised.We ssell, install and provide after sales maintenance service.


We have two types of garage doors; The up and over garage door (counter weight) and then sectional garage door. All our doors come from Italy and manufactured by E.R RAVEILLI a company with over 35 years of experience.  In the fabrication of garage doors our doors are 40mm sectionally thick with solid street infront and behind . This means it is difficult to break through . We have various colours available to choose from .Connecting it to our GiBIDI garage door motor .  COUNTER WEIGHT This is also called the up and over garage doors . This comes in one full piece and comes in either galvanized , galvanized and colored and wooden . This can be also motorized .